About the Collections

Catholic Theological Union is the largest Catholic graduate school of theology and ministry in the United States. Founded in 1968 in the spirit of Vatican II, there are currently 32 religious orders that send students to CTU, as well as lay students from the United States and around the world. The library’s collection is particularly strong in materials pertaining to religious orders.

The items in these collections included selected archival materials and items digitized through CARLI's Internet Archive project.

Recently Added Items

The Deepest Meaning and Value of All Creation

A sample of Rev. Robert W. Hovda's presentation.see more

The Witness Only the Layman Can Give

A sample of Thomas Klise's presentation.see more

Yes, But Why Do We Have To Sing?

A sample of Rev. C.J. McNaspy's presentation.see more

Faith Comes Through Hearing

A sample of Rev. Gerard S. Sloyan's presentation.see more

What Means These Stones? A Theology of Church Building

A sample of Robert E. Rambusch's presentation.see more

The Eucharist Makes the People of God

A sample of the Very Rev. Maur Burbach's presentation.see more

The Parish - When Is It Alive? When Should It Die?

A sample of Rev. John Harmon's presentation.see more

Jesus the Man for All Men

A sample of Rev. Frank B. Norris' presentation.see more